Finite Exhaust Coalescing Silencer

A Finite Exhaust Coalescing Silencer eliminates unwanted oil mist and reduces exhaust noise from pneumatic valves, cylinders and air motors. ECS units are constructed from the same materials that are used with our oil removal coalescing filter elements. Finite’s UNI-CAST seamless design ensures media uniformity and strength. This proven technology provides high coalescing efficiency with low pressure drop.

The filter media is supported by cylindrical perforated steel retainers both inside and out. These galvanized retainers make for excellent corrosion resistance and give Finite’s ECS units high rupture strength in either flow direction. ECS units can also be used as high efficiency inlet or bypass filters for vacuum pumps, or as breather elements to protect the air above critical process liquids.

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Ordering Information

For NPT Porting:
ECS-2 X 1 (1/2” NPT)
ECS-4 X 1 (1” NPT)
ECS-2 X 6 (1/2” NPT - Carton of 6)
ECS-4 X 6 (1” NPT - Carton of 6)

For BSP Porting:
ECSB-2 X 1 (1/2” BSP - Parallel (G))
ECSB-4 X 1 (1” BSP - Parallel (G))
ECSB-2 X 6 (1/2” BSP - Parallel (G) - Carton of 6)
ECSB-4 X 6 (1” BSP - Parallel (G) - Carton of 6)

Compressor oils and lubricating oils are exhausted from valves, cylinders and air motors into the ECS. Oil aerosols are coalesced into larger droplets and gravity pulls them into the attached drain sump. The sump can then be drained manually or by using a 1/4” ID plastic tube drain. The air flowing into the ECS is also muffled as it enters the inside of the ECS and passes through the filter media into the atmosphere.

Finite’s Exhaust Coalescing Silencer (ECS) is 99.97% efficient at removing the oil aerosols. The ECS also acts as a silencer to lower the dBA levels to below O.S.H.A. requirements.

Features and Benefits
• 99.97% oil removal efficiencies
• 25 dBA Noise attenuation
• 1/2" and 1" NPT
• Disposable Units
• Continuous or plugged drain option
• Metal retained UNI-CAST construction
• Fast exhaust time
• BSP (G) Thread option

• Valve Exhaust
• Cylinder Exhaust
• Air Motor Exhaust
• Noise Reduction
• Oil Mist Elimination
• Safer Work Environment
• Tank Vents
• Vacuum Exhaust

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Flow vs. Noise Level

Flow vs. Noise Level  Chart
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Flow vs. Back Pressure

Flow vs. Back Pressure Chart
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Max Operating Temp 125°F/52°C
Max Line Pressure 100 PSIG/7bar
Brand Parker Finite

Exhaust Coalescing Silencer

Dimensions and Weight
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Model A B C
ECS-2 5.37" (135mm) 1/2" NPT 2.57" (65mm)
ECS-4 7.3" (185mm) 1" NPT 2.57" (65mm)
ECSB-2 5.3" (135mm) 1/2"v BSP 2.57" (65mm)
ECSB-4 7.3" (185mm) 1" BSP 2.57" (65mm)

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